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2019年太极基本拳比赛 2019 Tai Chi Competition

2019年6月22日本校合唱团举办了一场太极基本拳比赛,以考验团员们在太极活动的成果。 In 22th June of 2019, the Heng Ee Choir had organised a Tai Chi competition to test the results of the member after learning Tai Chi for a year.

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2019年”一念初心”文娱晚会 2019 School Annual School Concert

2019年6月13及14日,本校合唱团参加了又家教协会主办的”一念初心”文娱晚会。 In 13th and 14th of June of 2019,  the Heng Ee Choir had participated the School Annual Concert held by the PIBG.

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2019年新加坡初级学院合唱团交流会 2019 Seminar with National Junior College Choir Club

2019年6月1日,本校合唱团与来自新加坡的国家初级学院合唱团进行了一场令人难忘的交流会。In 1st of June 2019, Our School Choir Club had a memorable seminar with the National Junior College Choir.

白队的团员们以两首歌曲《Karimatanu Kuicha》 和《思乡》作为交流曲目。The White Team member had presented two songs, “Karimatanu Kuicha” and “思乡”.

团员们在NJCC合唱团的教练指导下学习如何正确的发声。The conductor of NJCC is teaching the members about ways of singing.

交流会在双方团员共同演唱《The Music Always There》下圆满结束。   The seminar ended happily with the song “The Music Always There” sang by all of the choir members.

交流会结束后,我们拍了一张大合照以资纪念。                                               After the seminar, we took a group photo as memory

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2019年吉隆玻UCSI大学合唱团交流会 2019 Seminar with USCI, Kuala Lumpur

2019年3月23日,本校合唱团和来自吉隆玻的USCI大学合唱团进行了一场交流会。In 23th March of 2019, our school choir had a seminar with the choir club came from USCI.

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恒中合唱团与UCSI合唱团的团员们进行破冰游戏及简单的自我介绍。The Heng Ee Choir is playing some interactive games with the UCSI Choir and introduce ourselves to each other.

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团员们观赏由UCSI合唱团带来的精彩表演。 The members are watching the excellent performance brought by the UCSI Choir.

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交流会结束后,团员们拍了一张大合照,以作纪念。 A group photo is taken after the seminar is successfully done.

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2019年新春拜访病老院及新春演出 2019 Old Folks Home Chinese New Year Celebration


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