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2017年《声载初衷》合唱音乐会 “Our Musical Journey” Choir Concert 2017

2017年7月1日,本校合唱团首次在属于自己的舞台上,在光大礼堂 A 荣誉呈献《声载初衷》合唱音乐会。多年来,合唱团自己举办音乐会这个念头只不过是梦想, 可现在已经成为了现实!On the 1st of July 2017, Heng Ee High School Choir has once again raised the bars by presenting our very own first choir concert entitled “Our Musical Journey” in Komtar Auditorium A. Years ago, the notion of having our own concert was merely a dream; now it has become a reality!

We have just arrived at our destination – it’s early in the morning and our choir members are excited!

A cheerful group photo after the rehearsal.

The choir members’ hearts were connected together as one, projecting out their voices and filling the whole concert hall with harmonious sounds.

Mr. Chow Hong Wei, our assistant coach presented a touching and meaningful song entitled 《老师,你可把我忘记》.

Ms Lee Xiao Yun, our coach performed a scintillating rendition of 《赶牲灵》.

The choir members took a group photo with our two lovely coaches after the concert.

Look who’s here – our beloved ex-members of Heng Ee Choir, back to see us again!

A precious photo of Form 5 members, with our two coaches. Countless memories and unforgettable experiences are portrayed all in one simple photo.

Ex-members and current members reunite once again!

“Our Musical Journey”, was a success! This is a big milestone in our choir’s history, and we shall strive to achieve greater success in the future.

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2017年《乐扬巴厘》之旅 – 第六届巴厘岛国际合唱艺术节 6th Bali International Choir Festival 2017

从2017年7月14日至2017年7月19日,本校合唱团远赴巴厘岛参加了第六届巴厘岛国际合唱艺术节。From the 14th of July 2017 till the 19th of July 2017, Heng Ee Choir travelled to Bali for participating the prestigious 6th Bali International Choir Festival (BICF).

14/7: 星期五 Friday

The choir members arrived early at Penang International Airport to get themselves ready, setting off to Bali, Indonesia.

The choir members are having a rehearsal in one of the halls of Prama Sanur Beach Hotel upon reaching Bali.

15/7: 星期六 Saturday

比赛当天,团员们演唱了《催咚催》和《Setangkai Mawar》。大家以美妙的歌声征服了现场的观众和评委。
We performed two pieces entitled  “Cui Dong Cui” and “Setangkai Mawar”. Our captivating voices managed to thrill the audiences and judges.

Bali had never disappointed us with her mesmerising views. We thoroughly enjoyed the times after the competition with her beautiful scenery.

Our consultant teacher, coaches, president and vice-presidents.

16/7: 星期日 Sunday

Pura Luhur Uluwatu, one of Bali’s attractions with scenic views.

17/7: 星期一 Monday

The choir members took a group photo at the World Peace Gong Park, where the Gala Concert took place.

With the selfless hard work and cooperation of members and teachers alike, we were finally awarded Gold Level II with a total mark of 31.68.

18/7: 星期二 Tuesday

We also visited Pura Ulun Danu Bratan and took some group photos as memories.

Three of the choir members celebrated their “surprise” birthday too. They were both excited and touched.

19/7: 星期三 Wednesday

We were very thankful to the two tour guides who had led us throughout this wonderful Bali trip.

The Form Five choir members had lots of fun in this Bali trip. They were all very grateful as this was their last choir competition with the school choir.

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2017年《向刘国耀老师致敬音乐会》”To Sir with Love – A Tribute Concert to Sir Low Kok Yau” 2017

2017年7月29日及2017年7月30日,本校合唱团为了感谢刘国耀老师在马来西亚音乐界的四十余载中无私地教诲及贡献,到吉隆坡中国小学参与《向刘国耀老师致敬音乐会》。On the 29th and 30th of July 2017, Heng Ee High School Choir went down to Chung Kwo Primary School in Kuala Lumpur to participate in the event entitled “To Sir with Love – A Tribute Concert to Sir Low Kok Yau”, in order to commemorate the selfless contributions Sir Low Kok Yau has given towards music education in Malaysia throughout the span of over 40 years.

The members gathered in the music room of Chung Hwa High School, looking forward to meeting with the other choir groups, so that they could exchange experiences and ideas together, improving one another.

Mr Chow Hong Wei, our teacher gave comments to the performances of each school, and hope that all of us will do our very best for the concert tomorrow.

Each members from different choirs assembled according to the newly formed groups. Each and every member gave 100% cooperation and teamwork towards the group activity.

The group activty, although finished within a short time, has nevertheless created new friendship bonds and strengthened the relationship between each member.

Before we left, we had a photo taking session together inside the hall of Chung Kwo Primary School, capturing the wonderful memories together.

Each choir member performed their very best, so as to not forget Sir Low Kok Yau’s masterful teaching.

Mr Chow represented our school choir to show our gratitude and appreciation towards Sir Low Kok Yau.

Sir Low Kok Yau showed his support and encouragement towards the various performances.

“To Sir with Love – A Tribute Concert to Sir Low Kok Yau” was indeed a success!

After the performance, everyone was grateful to have a group photo with Sir Low Kok Yau.

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2017年“衍·延”文娱晚会 “Everlasting Growth” School Annual Concert 2017


On the 17th of June 2017, Heng Ee High School Choir participated in the annual school concert themed “Everlasting Growth”.

All the choir members are getting ready and preparing for the performance to ensure that our performance can run smoothly.

Members perform two songs and enjoy every second on stage.

After the performance, we took photos as memories for this meaningful day.

Wong Yoke Sum who is a tenor soloist sang 《一江春水浪千重》.

Form 4 and Form 5 members dance and sing during the performance and thus bring a different style of performance to the audience.

All Form 5 members who are graduating this year took photos with our coach.

Goh Yi Xuan who is a soprano soloist sang a wonderful song entitled 《父亲的草原,母亲的河》for the audience.

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