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2016年恒中合唱团音乐营 Heng Ee High School Choir Music Camp 2016


On the 15th and 16th of December 2016, Heng Ee Choir had organised a music camp themed “Musical Hearts”. Its main objectives are to instil good teamwork qualities and leadership skills in the members, as well as encouraging enthusiasm and love towards music. A variety of activities were carried out throughout the two days, such as a workshop with two invited teachers, a group singing competition, station games and more. Although this was the first time the Form 3 students had organised an event and it had its ups and downs, it nevertheless proved to be a memorable and irreplaceable experience for both the music camp committees and choir members.



The on-stage decoration of the music camp title at Lecture Theatre Hall 1, emphasising the double meaning of the Chinese character “乐”, which means both “music” and “happiness”.



The choir members performed five pieces, 《弯弯的月亮》, 《祝福》, 《我在船上等你》, 《我不知道风是在哪一个方向吹》 and 《新娘来了》.



One of the invited teachers, Mrs Wong Wai Quan taught the students to focus on the clarity of the vowel sounds in 《新娘来了》. Students improved drastically in a relatively short time.



Mrs Emily Ng demonstrated and taught the choir members some traditional dance moves related to the song 《新娘来了》.



The graduated Form 5 choir members came back to visit us during the second day of the music camp!



One of the groups sang 《菊花台》 beautifully during the group singing competition.



The game masters distributed cards to the leaders of respective groups before commencing the station games.



Choir members had teamed up to work their way through this fun and interactive station game involving balloons.



The chairperson of the music camp committee – Nyia Jing Ying!



Group photo of all the music camp committees. Their selfless hard work, cooperation, and support towards the music camp coupled with the guidance of teachers had successfully made dream into reality. In the end, the blood, sweat and tears were all worth it.

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