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2018年恒中合唱团音乐营 Heng Ee High School Music Camp 2018


Heng Ee High School school choir held annual music camp on December 7th and December 8th. This year’s music camp is mainly based on unity, so that the members can better understand the team spirit, enhance their tacit understanding, and also instill the enthusiasm of the members of the music. This year’s music camp was also prepared by the Form3 choir members.  Each of the form3 members also learned how to deal with various problems in the process of preparation. This music camp has made the members have unforgettable memories.


On the first day of the music camp, our choir coach  took the members to the school field to make sound, do exercise and let the members play interactive games. After returning to the music room, our coach  used the way of paste the colour sticker on the back of members to assignment the group games and also trained our moves speed.


On the second day of the music camp, the Form3 committee prepared the game for the members to complete. The game makes the members more tacit and more united.


On December 8, the Heng Ee High School Choir Music Camp was successfully concluded.

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